Joakim Sveder Hunting Management

moose hunting in northen sweden

Would you like to call for Moose in the northen Sweden?
From 3d to 10th of October, I will hold a course in Moose calling with Moose hunting for 6 days in Tornedalen in northen Sweden.
You arrive to our accommodatin the 1st of October, in the middle of the 7200 hectar big hunting area. We will be a small exclusive group of 12 hunters (me + 11 guests). We have two big cabins to share and a sauna. This is a real wilderness hunt, so the accommodation is simple. Out door toilet and no electrisity, except for a diesel generator by the cabin for charging cell phones and gps. Transportation from Pajala airport can be aranged on request.
I will teach you how to call for Moose and you will be able to test your skills every morning and evening in the forrest. The hunting period for this is in the middle of the ruth, so I expect the bulls to come on our calls. We have 2 bull tags for the group in total, but additional tags might be availeble dering the week.
If the calling have low success, we will also bring some dogs, to help us get the Moose on the move and hunt as a classic Swedish moose hunt with dogs!
The meat will be shared within the group when we leave after the hunt.
This is a hunt with a lot of walking, so you need to be in good shape! There are no transportation what so ever when the road ends. Be prepared to walk for at least 5-10 km every day in the terrain. You also need a Garmin gps that you are used to handle.
If you are dreaming about shooting a bull Moose which you are calling in your self, then this might be the hunt you are looking for!
Price for 6 days hunting, a group of 8-10 hunters. incl accommodation, transports,food and drinks, guiding, dog keepers and meat (if success). no throphy fees.
25000EU total for the group