Joakim Sveder Hunting Management

Roe Buck hunting

16th of August is the Swedish fall premiere of Roe buck hunting.

I offer roe buck hunts in differnt regions and different kind of terrain. Some more open landscape and som with timber and deep forrest terrain. Accommendation is included in som of the areas, but I help out to find accommendation to all my hunts. Arriving 15th of August and hunting 16th to 20th of August. The areas are for 4 hunters. A place to take care of the game and butch it and freeze the meat is also included. Some times wild boars can be shot on the grass fields as a bonus, but only after agreement with me before the hunt.
Price: 7000 sek + tax (25%) per hunter (if you are 4 hunters), no throphy fees, the meat belongs to the hunter.

Sold out for season 2022