Joakim Sveder Hunting Management

wild boar hunting

I offer selction hunts on wild boar by bait. this hunt in mostly focusing on big boars, but also some piglets can be shoot if the population is too big in the area. I follow a strict management of the population toensure that its size is big enough for good hunts, but small enough to keep the farmers happy.
The hunt is by bait, at night, or by sneaking arround on the fields, if the ground is soft, to prevent ricochets.
In my oppinion the hunt is epic in full moonlight with snow on the ground, using just a ordinary scope. But the hunt can also be done in darker conditions, if the hunter has some kind of "nightvisin sight".It is important to have good visability, because we absolutely don't shoot females!
there are both open stands and small "cabins" to sit in, waiting by the bait. the isolated ones are of course more comortable, but the open ones give a much better "total experience" because you hear the boars come sneaking in the dark towards the bait and that is exciting. the time for this hunt is december to march, but boars are only allowed to 15th of february. sometimes i offer this hunt also in the summer july-august to help the farmers keeping their crops safe.
price example: 3 hunters for 3 nights, incl accommodation and 3 wild boars in total: 5000sek + tax(25%) per hunter.
no throphy fees and meat belongs to the hunter