Joakim Sveder Hunting Management
who i am ?

joakim sveder

I'm 48 years old and born and raised in Värmland, middle of Sweden. I live with my family on Hammarö Island just outside Karlstad. Since I was a kid, I have spent all my spare time in the forrest or at the lake. When I learned to ride my bike, I emediately cykled down to the closest lake with my fishing rod and a bucket of worms.That was how it started..
By the age of 15 I got to join my uncle at hunting deers and when I was 18 I bought my first own dog. I have always been that person who shal "just do one more throw with my rod.." or "just sit one hour moore at the wild boar bait" or just.. you get the picture. I have never got enough of it. I spend all my time in the wild.
I have tried almost every type of hunt in Sweden, from far south to way up north and I love them all. I have always been extra fashinated of big old males with big throphies and I have spent nights in sleeping bag out on fields and in mountains, just to get "the right one"
My other big hunting passion is hunting with dogs. Since the age of 18, I have always had at least two dogs or more, sometimes up to 5 dogs. Mostly dogs for driven hunts, but also some "laika dogs". Today I have 3 dogs. One German Wachtel for all kind of deer and wild boars and two Posavski Gonic which are a Kroatic wild boar dog. They also hunt deers and moose, but prefer wild boars and predators. All my dogs are male. They are called Nalle, Zebbe and Ozzy. I can steer them 100% by using my Garmin Alpha transmitter.
I have also been hunting a lot abroad. Red stag in Hungary and Norway, Wolf and Black bear in Canada, driven hunts in Germany and a lot more.
As a person I'm driven and engaged, wich make me very happy when we succeed and upset when we are facing setbacks. I always have a laugh or a joke up my sleeve and I'm easy to connect with. But when we hunt am "all in" so prepare your self to do what it takes to get what we are after : )