Joakim Sveder Hunting Management

Wilderness guidening

The swedish nature is fantastic and available for every one!

Maybe you hav less experience being in the vilderness and feel that you would like to have an experienced person as your guide? To find the right paths, make a fire, cook at a fire place, build a shelter and more..

I have been spending my whole life in the wilderness on my spare time since I was a kid. I can tell all the tracks from all animals, tell you which bird is singing, which stream to drink from. Is the moose dangerous, what animal left that dropping, how do I find my whay whitout a compass, is that a fox dent ?

Together we will walk a trail or just straight out in the forrest. During the day I will share all my experiences and knowledge and answer as many questions as I can. The length of the tour, and for how long we stay out, will be decided by you. We can do one-day walk or two-days, including a night in a tent or a shelter. We will start by car from Karlstad and go to a beutifull forrest within approximate one hour drive, for example "Glaskogen" or "Ängen".

On request I can provide and prepare food, tent and some equipment, to coock in the wilderness, then we will do it together. Leraning by doing. Size of the group is best at 4-8 persons, but even larger groups is possible.

The best time for this is spring and summer, when the hunting and fishing season is less intensive for me, but I might be availeble any time at the year. Give me a call and we will find out!

Price: 6000skr/day+tax25% for a group on 4-8 persons. 2000skr+ tax extra per night.