Joakim Sveder Hunting Management

hunt as a dog keeper

Would you like to hunt as a dog keeper? Maybe you are about to get your own dog, or would like to try a day as a dog keeper, to experience that type of hunting?
I can offer you a day like this. Just you, me and my dogs. We let the dog of the leash as soon as the day breake and then we hunt for the whole day. You will be the one to shoot if we get a chanse and I will guide you as if I was hunting myself.
I will share all my experiences and answer questions about how the dogs work and how to think when we try to short-cut the hunt. You will shoot only on my comand, since Im responsible for the safety of us and the dogs!
We will adjust the day after your ability and skills. What can be shoot during the day has to be decided with short notice, sometimes on the morning of the hunt, because it depemds how many tags there are left on the gouverment license, but it will be some type of wild boar, moose or deer. This hunt is for one (1) hunter at the time.
Price 5000skr+tax 25% per day.
Minimum two days must be booked. Accommodation and breakfast close to the hunting area is included.